{Collins} Correct cabinet for 51S-1

I am looking for a 51s-1 with an original cabinet.  I have two original 
brochures, one of which shows the rear of a WE 51S-1 cabinet having the 
typical three round holes in a broad "V"pattern above two horizontal holes 
for the rear connections along the bottom.  The smaller hole on the left is 
for the power plug while the longer hole next to it on the right is for all 
the other connections.  Most 51S-1's I see on ebay and else where simply have 
one long, horizontal hole along the bottom which outlines all connections 
including power.  

Are there different configurations for original 51S-1 cabinets or are most of 
the cabinets on these receivers from other S-line units which have been 
fitted to rack-mounted 51S-1's?

I would appreciate help from those knowledgeable people who have seen many 
Collins cabinets.



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