{Collins} 51J Questions

I trust that you are all having a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year
is good to you. I thought I would ask a few questions about a recent
aquisition before going for my Christmas Lunch.

This 51J-2 is in pretty dirty condition but it looks like it will clean up
quite well. The bottom cover or covers are missing and the inside of the top
cover has a schematic marked RADIO RECEIVER R388/URR. The tool clips are in
place but the tools are missing. Other than that it looks complete. The
serial number is marked as "8  1..9T"

Now the questions:

1.	The band change dial cord had come off the drum wheel. It looks okay and
the end loops is intact. I have figured out what I think is the correct way
to re-thread it and it seems to function okay but it seems backwards to me.
That is to say clockwise rotation of the band change shaft causes the MHz
drum to reduce in displayed MHz. This may be correct but I would like
confirmation. If it's incorrect then I am not sure how to re-thread it

2.	With power on I get noise from the speaker but it does not seem to tune.
If I switch the calibrator and BFO on I can hear a tone and moving the BFO
pitch changes the pitch of the tone, but moving the main tuning control does
nothing. The dial pointer moves and it looks like the VFO shaft is turning
but that's it. Any ideas?

3.	The schematic inside the top cover is in pretty poor shape. I am thinking
of re-drawing it but would like to know if anyone has on on-line copy I
could get. I would also like to know if there is any on-line information on
alignment etc.

4. The schematic shows some things which do not appear to be on this unit.
I.F. output J104, speaker jack J102, the relay K101 associated with the
remote contacts, and no doubt several other things. Any ideas?

All information greatly appreciated.

73's and happy holidays from the land of smiles
Martin de HS0/G4UQF

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