{Collins} 51J-2 Questions

Hello Martin,
         Here's my input regarding the 51J-2.  First of all, you are 
correct. Clockwise rotation of the Band Change knob switches to lower bands. 
Also, it appears someone swapped covers; An R-388 is actually
a 51J-3. There are several differences between the J-2 and J-3 including
a different pto and the 100 KHz calibrator adjustment on the J-3 front
panel. There is also an improved crystal filter circuit in the J-3.
    Your set appears to possibly have a non-functioning  IF or RF stage.
I'd suggest working backwards with a signal generator until you lose
the signal and that should be the faulty stage.
    Unfortunately, I only have the schematics for the J-3 and J-4. I'm
sure someone will come along with a J-2 schematic which you should have
before attempting the signal tracing.

                                            Good luck & 73,
                                            Rich WB3JLK
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