{Collins} S-Line WARC Band Operation

I would like to thank Jerry, W7BUN for setting me straight
on a very important operating feature of the Collins
S-Line.  For years now, I have assumed (incorrectly) that
when the S-Line xmtr/rcvr are patched together for
tranceive, that they use the rcvr xtal osc/VFO when the xmtr
is switched to the REC VFO position and the xmtr xtal
osc/VFO when xmtr is switched to the TRANS VFO...WRONG!  It
turns out (and a quick look at the schematic confirms) that
the rcvr xtal osc is used for both the rcvr and xmtr
regardless of which VFO you use.  Now, the implication here
is that you only need one set of xtals in the receiver to
operate transceive or SPLIT on the WARC bands, 10 mtr CW,
etc.  In fact, if the rcvr and xmtr are cabled together you
don't need any of the xmtr crystals at all (if you have a
bad one in the receiver, pull the one from the xmtr).  

I always thought you needed a 32S3A and another set of xtals
to operate split VFO on alternate frequencies.  You do need
a 32S3A and separate xtals to operate split bands like the
military sometimes does (but then you cannot operate
transceive, i.e., the units are not cabled together for
transceive to do this).  It is interesting that Collins
supplied the ham band xtals with the xmtr since, I'm sure
most were sold and used with an S-Line rcvr.  Today, they
would be certainly be sold as an option.  

I thought I would share this revelation with the list just
in case there were any others out there with the same
misconception.  Thanks again Jerry!  I am a 99% CW guy and
now I am off and running on the WARC bands with my Collins. 
I just cannot believe I never saw this feature after staring
at S-line schematics for other reasons on many occasions!

Best Wishes in 2001 to all you Collins lovers and thanks for
all the help over the years!

73 de Mike

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