{Collins} Re: 30S-1 Meter Illumination

Hi, Bob:

I suppose we should consider that the meters in the 30S-1 are poorly
illuminated as compared to other manufacturer's products. Especially the 30L-1.
I have given thought to selecting another lamp with higher brilliance but just
have not gotten around to testing this idea. I believe that this would work. We
would have to be sure that we don't exceed the current rating of  transformer
T-203 that supplies all four lamps and the BIAS supply. Another concern would
be, since the meter lamps  are in series, you would have to change both lamps
at once. Otherwise, the total increased current will flow through both lamps,
causing the standard lamp to  glow more brilliantly, possibly burning it out.
Also, this may mask the results of the test.


Bob Sullivan wrote:

> The meters in my 30S-1 are very poorly illuminated by the #47 bulbs - is
> this normal or is there something obvious I'm overlooking? I actually
> thought the bulbs were bad.  :-)
> 73, Bob
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