{Collins} Vintage Equipment Guides

Hello All,
    Regarding literature on our cherished boatanchor/vintage gear,
here are some of the books I use as a guide.
    1. Gene Rippen's  "Tube Type Transmitter Guide"   1922-1970
       Very inexpensive and chock full of any classic transmitters
       you could be looking at or for.Has rig photos and even some
       tube lineups plus the original price and vintage of the rig.

    2. Fred Osterman's-"Shotwave Receivers-Past & Present"
.  This book
       has been recently updated. Mine is the second edition covering
       1945-1996.  THE greatest book for receiver buyers & collectors.
       Has info on manufacturers, including some foreign sets. Receiver
       features, performance reviews, specs and typical availability.
       You can spend days immersed in the pages; sometimes I still do.
       Fred owns Universal Radio in Columbus, O. and the book is
       available there.

    3. There are individual books on Drake, Hallicrafters, Heathkit
       and of course Jay Miller's "Pocket Guide To Collins Amateur
       Radio Equipment".

       I am sure there are other books on the subject; these ones are
    the core of my library. Hope all this helps.

                                               Rich WB3JLK
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