{Collins} KWS-1 grid drive loss

Follow-up on my problem:

Close visual inspection showed several BBOD's in the rig, one in
particular was C-303, a .033uf/400vdc as the plate bypass cap in the
6CL6 driver circuit. This cap is on the "deadly caps" list. I replaced
only this cap and retried the rig. My grid drive came back and extensive
use last night over several hours had the KWS-1 running strong with no
grid failures. I'll now go ahead and replace the rest of the caps on the
"deadly cap" list as long as the rig is on the bench.

Thanks for all the tips I received, there were many who had experienced
grid drive loss and almost everyone had a different component
failure/solution to their problem. I will be pulling together all the
different occurances/solutions I received and will post a summary of
them for future reference.

73, Ray  W2EC

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