{Collins} For Sale

Collins Collectors:

Recently, I sold some Collins gear here on the reflector.  I have a very
nice KWM2-A, PS w/ Peter Dahl solid state conversion, 30L-1, 312B-4 station
control, and 651S-1 all band receiver (fair condition, cosmetically).

After I sold all of the above to one person, he became medically unable to
use the equipment, so I have it back on the market now.

I had one reply from a "N1N??", named Peter. I had conveniently saved all
the replies in a folder in my email program. However, as luck would have, I
had a crash, and lost all the information.  If "Peter, N1N??" is still
interested, I told you I would contact you in the event something happened -
well, here I am ... this is the only way I know, sorry ...

All of the gear is in excellent condition cosmetically, except for the
651S-1 (moderate), and all are in good working order, except the KWM2-A is
low on output, which I suspect a soft final (or driver).

Please reply to Brian - W5YE

(I'll try to save the replies in a hard file in a fireproof file cabinet !)


Brian - W5YE

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