{Collins} How are the tubes of my S1 line?

Hello Everybody,
    a friend gave me a Tube Tester model I-177-B for checking the tubes of
the 32S1 / 75S1 line that I'm restoring.
In the original Tube Test Data Cards, only few of the S1 line tubes are
present, but I found on the net the Tube Test Data Cards of Nolan E. Lee
and, with this one, I tested almost all my tubes (only the driver, the
finals, the 6U8A's and the 12AT7's are missing).
Crosschecking with the tables of a Technical Manual Sylvania and the tables
of a 1977 ARRL Handbook, the result is that almost all tubes must be
substituted but, before to pay $150 and order all the tubes in the USA (I
live in Italy), I need a confirmation from you, experts :-)
Here follows the results:

V1, 6DC6 -> 2200 uMhos
V4, 6BA6 -> 2300 uMhos
V5, 6BA6 -> 2200 uMhos
V7, 6AT6 -> arcing....
V8, 6BF5 -> 4500 uMhos
V9, 6DC6 -> 1500 uMhos
V301, 6AU6 -> 2200 uMhos

V3, 6DC6 -> 1600 uMhos
V6, 6AH6 -> 1300 uMhos
V10, 6AL5 -> OK (1300) / OK (1400)
V12, 6DC6 -> 2000 uMhos
V13, 6AL5 -> OK (1300) / OK (1300)
V301, 6AU6 -> 2500 uMhos

Thanks in advance
Ciao and 73
Guido, ik2bcp

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