{Collins} 32V-attacking lack of drive on all band problem

I'm renewing my attack on the lack of grid drive evident on
all bands of my 32V2. 

Here's the synopsis so far:

Tubes all good.
Final is operating at correct freq (Thank you, Rat Shack closeout counter!)

Plate V on last multiplier tube (prior to coupling cap to grid
of 4D32) is a nice 250VPTP sine wave, as pretty as any sig gen could produce
(looking at it with a Tek 485).

Grid V on the 4D32 side of the coupling cap is a respectable 150V PTP

(above measured on 80M)

Meter shunt appears to be fine.

I've just discovered two things. 

1) The 47 ohm  screen resistor on the 4D32 measures 68 Ohms
2) The 47 ohm screen resistor is almost impossible to replace.
3) Vikings are easier to work on that St James Gray Collins transmitters!

Before I attempt this surgery, is this likely to result in an improvement
in the grid drive situation?

This rig had a bad power tranny. It had not operated for a number of years.
I replaced the power transformer, and operated 
it for several weeks with plenty of grid drive, and then noticed one
day that there's almost nil drive on all bands.

Therein lies this sordid tale.
Thanks for any help!

John Brewer - WB5OAU/4
AMI #24
Clayton NC 

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