{Collins} Re: GB> Equipment classification

Unfortunately, there are a very few firms now
operating in the "boat anchor" sales that are
operating on the "shady side".

I have done a "fair" amount of trading on the
internet.  Once I was basically "taken", although I
eventually got what I had in the trade out of the item
that I traded for.

This was an FT-101 that was "supposedly" in great
operating condition.  When I got it, the 10 meter
portion had been modified to 11 meters and the rig
wouldn't even come on!  Someone had modified it to

The guy I traded with "disappeared" (of course).  A
few weeks later someone wanted an FT-101 for parts and
I was able to get rid of it.

The other item was a Clegg 22'er that was supposedly
"mint".  The knobs had been changed, the final was
shot, and it was dirty inside.  I was going to use it
anyway, but, another amateur wanted it.  Before I
traded it to him I replaced the final, cleaned it up,
and let him know the history.  Also, performed a
complete alignment on it.

Unfortunately, there are a few around today that take
advantage of the trust that amateurs have placed in
each other.  Like you, I hope that this is not the
trend.  However, considering the decline in a lot of
society today, this may be a lost hope!

Glen, K9STH

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