{Collins} 30S-1 FS

I have a winged 30S-1 for sale.   I listed it here about 2-3 weeks ago 
but still need to find someone within driving distace to purchase.  I 
acquired this 30S-1 about 1994 and, I am embarrassed to say, have never 
turned it on. 
It is a CCA very good+. The only reason it is not an excellent is the RCA 
connectors on the back show signs of wear on the ceramic and the N 
connector is tarnished somewhat. This is one of the nicest 30S-1 I have 
ever seen and I've seen a lot at Dayton (well,  I used to, haven't seen 
one there in years as a matter of fact!).

Photos and more info at:

$2200.  I have original manula, 2 spare 4CX1000's, and the Hi-res 30S-1 
tape.   Available for inspection any time.   
Questions: grayson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or 520-906-0440.

Grayson, KJ7UM

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