{Collins} Collins Communications Van

Dear CCA and friends,

As you may know, I have the Collins Van which I restored a few years 
ago.  At this point I have no plans to offer it for sale.  The recent post 
to that affect by our friend Mac is fun but not substance!!!!  The 
equipment list in Mac"s post is accurate.  If anyone wants to make a 
reproduction of the Van from a 1964 Ford Econoline Van there are many 
floating around and I would be glad to provide pictures, etc.

I brought the Van to Dayton and then to the CCA convention in Dallas, two 
years ago.  At that point there was transmitter trouble but thanks Butch 
everything is running fine.  I plan to bring it to the Collins Gathering in 
Dallas this fall and back to Dayton this next spring.  It is working great 
these days thanks to many who have helped.   Thanks to John Bess who 
recently found the original letter offering the Van for sale; which was the 
basis for Mac's post.  Doe anyone know where I could get line drawings or a 
schematic of the wiring inside the Van.   I have never found these.

Thanks so much!

Jim Stitzinger, WA3CEX

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