{Collins} 32V2 Grid Drive

  Hello to every one. Well guess I have to come to the experts with this one.Question: is there a way
 I can check the grid drive on a this 32V2 with the 4D32 removed from the socket?  I just got this 
unit abt 3 wks ago. The HV transformer was shorted(PRI) .I bought a new old stock from a fine gent 
in Ia. When I got it all installed and new rect-tubes .I tried it out and as I brought it up on the variac 
I saw no grid drive   .At abt 300 volts Hv I noticed a pinkish arcing in the 4D32 and the HV meter
 bouncing up and down so shut it off. I since have checked all the tubes  (Most are new) --vfo
thru the 3rd multiplier and their voltages are within 10% or so The freq-counter shows them to be
 working all the way thru 10 meters. I have a new 4D32 on the way and need to know if I have
the 5-15ma of of grid drive before I wreck the new tube.. Any help guys.--like maybe a resistance
 pad on something?  Tnx in advance  John K7KKM   Oh yes ---no way to test the 4D32  !

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