{Collins} Re: W6SAI 75A-1 conversion article in CQ September 1951

At 07:14 PM 1/4/02 -0000, Charlie Summers wrote:
>CW reception is fine.  My conversion did not produce a problem there.  OK, I
>know the 75A-1 is a CW and AM receiver and one should not try to use it for
>SSB unless perhaps installing a product detector as many articles recommend.

	Mine works just fine for that, if you put it in the CW position, turn 
AF gain up all the way, and adjust volume with RF gain control. No drift, no
problems (and no mod!). I suppose if I was building a contest receiver
I'd not want to do it this way, but then again, I wouldnt be using a fine
old A1 for that application!

	John wb5oau/4
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