{Collins} Re: Crystal puller


Tweezers, forceps, or a hemostat do nicely. A good source for tweezers and 
forceps is Small Parts, Inc at http://www.smallparts.com or 800 220 4242.

73, Bob

At 12:15 PM 1/27/02 -0600, Torrey L. Mitchell wrote:

>I'm all thumbs when I try to switch out a frequency crystal on my
>KWM2A or 75S3B.  Not only is it awkward, but I keep bumping into
>other parts....leading to potential damage.
>The CP-1 crystal pack I picked up does not have the crystal puller.
>What sort of tool have you all used to take crystals in and out?
>Many thanks,
>Torrey N9AUJ

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