{Collins} Re: Help on transistor equivalents

Mouser has some right angle RCA connectors on page 152
of their most recent catalogue.  However, they are
probably too "thick".

What you can do is to use one of the "shielded" type
of connectors, but leave off the shell.  There is a
solder type of connection for the shield that can be
bent at a right angle before the connector is
assembled.  Those run 72 cents in single quantities
and 55 cents each in quantities of 10 or more.  Part
number is 17PP058.

This is what Motorola used to do with all of the
connections in their two-way equipment that required a
"right angle" with an RCA type connector.

Glen, K9STH

--- Charles Harpole <k4vud@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

2.  A source for very short RCA/Phono right angle
plugs... to fit between the rear sockets of the KWM-2A
and the rear bolt-on power supply???

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