{Collins} FS WE 75S3-B With Filter Shield & T9

I have one too many 75S-3B's.  I am selling a VG to excellent condition
winged emblem receiver.  Comes with standard filter shield and "T9" that
appeared in later models to prevent power transformer hum/noise in the
IF.  Comes with standard SSB filter.  Standard cabinet with metal trim
ring.  Cosmetics are exceptional.  PTO stability is the best I've seen,
estimate less than 75 Hz drift during warmup.  This is not a receiver
with one of the PTO's that drift excessively due to aged/faulty
capacitors in the PTO.  Includes power cord and copy of manual.  The
only work I've done on this it to replace a couple of resistors and one
BFO xtal that went out of tolerance underneath.  The receiver is hot,
very good sensitivity, and has been aligned.  I will email/post digital
photos for interested parties.  $800 plus S&H firm (money order).  USA
shipping only.  Respond by email/phone. If it doesn't sell here first,
nest stop will be the waterfront

Jim N4BE
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