{Collins} 75A-4 SSB/CW

Many, Many thanks to all of you who responded, in some cases with great 
detail to the problem with the audio going mute when switched to 
SSB/CW.  It was V11--the only cap I hadn't looked at was suggested as a 
possibility from my last query--C87.  Also, I replaced L-28 as voltage was 
not right on pin 7.  It is cooking now--I've been home more than normal 
with a broken ankle so this gave me something to do and the result was well 
worth the work.  Lots of colorful orange and shinny brown mica under the 
chassis now, and the B+ mod--hopefully it will last for some time.  I am 
guessing this receiver likely thought it would never see the light of day 

Thanks again,


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