{Collins} Fw: 32V2 and 75A2 experience

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From: john w. king <jbkking@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 1:03 PM
Subject: 32V2 and 75A2 experience

> Seems like many folks are experiencing problems upon attempting to put the
> old Collins 32V2 and 75 A2 rigs on the air after years of non use. Sounds
> like they are not the easiest rigs to work on based upon trouble expressed
> regarding getting to the components etc.
> I am considering purchasing a 32V2 and  75A2 I have located. They look
> but haven't been turned on in years. I have no idea if they work. They are
> not beat up or rusty to my knowledge. have been stored for a while. A non
> ham inheirited them from his NON HAM father.
> I would appreciate hearing of your experiences restoring such a rig to use
> after years of non use, including the good and bad. Thanks and 73, John,

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