{Collins} Re: R390A

Joel Richey wrote:

> Good morning, got my R390A restoration done and it looks and works great but one thing bothered me, the mini BNC connectors were black and it dawned on me thier silver plated, took some Tarn-X on a Q-tip and walla, they look brand new, got carried away and cleaned all my silver plated PL239's also..
> 73's Joe W2DBO

Hope you rinsed those connectors well after using the Tarn-X, Joel. It tends to keep eating otherwise.

Rinse 'em and dry 'em well, and expect them to get dark again before long.
Not sure why, but once you use it, they seem to get ugly again even faster.
Must be a marketing tool.  (o:

73, Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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