{Collins} KWM-2 Problems

I am having some problems with my KWM-2 which I have not been able to 
diagnose.  When trying to tune up about a week ago, the plate current 
started acting differently than in normal operation - - I was on 14mhz 
but the dip was occurring within the 21 mhz markings on the plate 
tuning control.  Also, I was getting a much larger dip than normal.  I 
then observed that there was no power output at all indicated on the 
312B-4 watt meter.  My first thoughts were "loose antenna connection 
and/or transmit/receive relay malfunction" on the M-2.  The rig, 
however, was receiving fine, and after removing power, a quick check 
with a VOM showed the antenna connection and relay to both be 
functioning fine.  The final and driver tubes all check good, and all 
resistance readings on the final and driver tube sockets are correct.  
Last night, I was going to work on the rig some more and take some 
voltage readings.  On power up, the meter needle went all the way to 
the right, as usual, but it stayed there, rather than slowly dropping 
back to zero.  I assume that the rig may now have developed another 
problem and simply shut it down.

If anyone out there can give me some clues as to what may be going on 
with this M-2, it will be greatly appreciated.


Bob, KB4X
CCA Member  

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