{Collins} Early KWM-2 VFO knob

I have a beautiful VERY early KWM-2 (serial number 0911) that 
has the original VFO knob with no finger depression. I was thinking
of putting a weighted spinner knob on the VFO and saving the
original non-spinner knob.

I can not find the method Collins used to attach this older
knob to the shaft. There are no holes you usually find to 
insert the Bristol wrench for knob removal.

I might decide to just leave it alone, but I would like to
figure this one out just for curiosities sake!

Anyone else have a VERY early KWM-2?  This one 
appears to be completely un-modified. I would appreciate
recommendations about which mods may be the most 
important or offer the most advantage and also a 
recommendation for who to send the radio to for mods.
It is a beautiful radio and I don't want it done 1/2 way!

        Keith M. Hamilton
    Youngstown, Ohio USA

 Ham Radio Operator W8GX
        _ _ . . .      . . . _ _

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