{Collins} Part number inquiry.

Howard, W3HM the "Black Box" restoration guy, suggested that I ask the CCA list
about this item.

I've got a part that I can't identify.

It's a crystal filter, the label reads:


   part number: 526 7687 003

   type: X24K10B020

   serial: 6453

   Collins Radio Company 
   Newport Beach, California  USA


It's huge, measures 2.75 inches by 1 inch base.

and stands 3 inches tall.  

Reminds me of a Heathkit SB filter that grew up.  It has a similar shape, rounded
corners with screw and solder connections on the bottom 

Written on the box in pencil is the comment, 

   2.4 kc
   BW 20 HZ

That seems to decode from the type number but 20 HZ?  A crystal that resonates at
2.4 kc????  

The cardboard box has the Collins logo on both ends and the words "CRYSTAL FILTER".

The box measures 2.5 by 2.5 inches and 5 inches tall.  Looks like a 6146 box.

There's penciled comment: 

   GBB 9/29/65 

I was hoping that it was something that I could use for radio restoration and
upgrades but I can't figure out what it is.

Anyone know what this is and what it was used for?  

de ah6gi/4 

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