{Collins} Excess Stuff...

I am workshop cleaning and have a couple of Collins items I can't bear to
pitch (quite yet). If anyone would like them please contact me.

1. A pair of the open frame relays K2 and K4 which have one bad contact per
relay but good coils. Perhaps somone could use a contact to repair their
relays rather than change them out like I did (ugly job). $15

2. I have the remanents of a Collins FM Broadcast transmitter. There is a
lot of ceramic insulators, fuse clips, 5 pin large ceramic tube sockets, 5
dual section variable caps, a couple of disk capactors, and two sets of oil
filled capacitor hold down about 6 inches in length. I have a pix if you
would like more detail. $20

If nobody wants these items they will next go to auction and then, sob, the

73, Roger NJ2R

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