{Collins} Re: Collins 62S-1 VHF Transceiver

Until recently, receive and transmitter converters (combined units are
called transverters) were the preferred method of generating a VHF/UHF
signal.  The theory is, that if you have a good receive/transmit radio, why
duplicate it for VHF, just add a mixer and amplifier.

 The HV for the 4X150A final in the 62S-1 is "borrowed" from the 516F-2
power supply,  otherwise the 62S-1 is a self contained unit.
 The 62S-1 fully integrates with the S-line/KWM radio set up (read lots of
cables).  When properly configured it takes a low level 14.0 to 14.200Mhz.
signal from the S-line and produces about 100W output on 6 or 2M, SSB/CW.
The opposite for receive.
The main "tuning knob" is a crystal selector switch.  Like the rest of the
S-line it works in 200khz. segments.
It is pretty broad banded, Once you tune up on a particular VHF segment the
rest of the control is from the S-line.
There is one switch from HF to VHF, it is very convenient to use.
Not many units were made, it is rare to find one in good working condition.


> WOW!
> I need to read more of the CCa web page.
> I just noticed a Collins 62S-1 VHF Transceiver for sale on eBay and
> since I'm not a Ham (for now - maybe someday in the future) I had not
> realized the converter existed. I had not really dug too deep into the
> S/line listings of the CCA web page but after seeing this on eBay I took
> a look.
> So, some questions.
> Is this converter used by many? Is it worthwhile?
> All the photos I ever see have the 32S-1, 75S-1 or KWM-2 or such?
> Maybe if I were a Ham I'd be more "in tune" with the need or not need of
> this converter.
> Anyone out there have any helpful info for an "old-new" guy?
> Walter Cheatham

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