{Collins} Filter is unstuck....

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my question regarding the 75S-3B filter that had bonded to the hold-down bar.  After tinkering with the exposed plastic material (I only had 1 filter out of 4 possible)that was attached to the hold-down bar and used as a cushion between the bar and filter, I realized that it was brittle and might possibly just break free from the filter with a little pressure, which it did (thankfully).  It was then a simple matter to remove the plastic residue from the filter.  No heat, freezing, or solvent was required.  It didn't turn out to be a big deal, but given the price of filters these days (even the 2.1), it was better to ask the question than chance damaging the filter.  

Thanks again to a great group.  You folks are a world of information and judging by the response, no question seems too trivial.

73: Bob -- WA1RAW (hamming it since 66) 
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