{Collins} Calibration Difficulty - HP-410B Clone

Well Guys, I have to "fall on my sword" and admit "cockpit error".

The problem turned out to be that the 1.0 vdc source I was using was a bit
too high......... my 74 years has caught up with me and I misread the scale
on the Simpson 260 I was using with the source voltage for calibration.
Strictly Operator Error.

That oversight caused all of the AC voltage scales to be off and

Now, using the proper dc voltage for calibration, the other AC voltage
scales all "fall into calibration" in fine shape and I am "back in

Uli, DK4SX, was "on track" with a proper diagnosis, and questioned my
calibration voltage right away.  Thanks, Uli.

Thanks and best wishes to all who offered suggestions.


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