{Collins} Re: 51S-1 question. What is it?


Pictures are NOT ALLOWED.  Just give a link to the picture.  In this case you
could have just given us <http://members.aol.com:/rfspanky/EBAY/rimg0100.jpg>.

I looked at it on eBay and you are seeing the fiberglass tuning wand for the
receiver.  I still have one that I purchased direct from Collins in the early
1970s when I rebuilt two formerly military 51S-1.  I've not seen them for sale
and searched and found my spare one.  My first one went when I sold the 51S-1
in the 1970s.

By the way, they need some filing and shaping after a bit of use as the ends do
wear down.

Ian, K6SDE

"Walter E. Cheatham" wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have another question that I may know the answer to but would like the
> experts to either answer it or verify if I am correct.
> I spotted a 51S-1 on ebay that includes a picture of the right side
> (incidentally - it is a rack mount version).
> In the photo, I've attached a copy, there is something attached
> diagonally on the side of the box shaped frame work near the right edge.
> I can not see anything attached to that long piece. My only conclusion
> is it is an alignment tool to use if and when realigning the receiver.
> Correct?
> If that is all it is then it's presence gives me one more reason to
> appreciate Collins equipment as the greatest!
> One more thing. I do hope it is OK to attach photos.
> Walter Cheatham

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