{Collins} More 30S-1 stuff

Hi Gang,

     Here's some more stuff that needs to go away to pay the doctor 
Everything is plus shipping.

1.      20' feed cable.         It's the one with the phono connectors that 
goes                $20.00
                                 between the transmitter and the amp

2.      30S-1 Door script       Brand new in 
package                                    $50.00

3.      115NO180 TD relay       New Amperite or 
Edison                                  $50.00

4.      P/S cabinet             No door or latch, has been 
refinished                   $175.00

5.      RF deck assy            No front panel or meters, no tube or change 
over                $275.00
                                 relay.  Has standard blower and socket

6.      4CX1000         Good used tube, full 
output                             $75.00

7.      4CX1500B                Good used pull, full 
output                             $125.00

8.      4CX1500B                NEW IN BOX, STILL SEALED IN PLASTIC 
BAG         $175.00

9.      Solid State             Plug-in Replacement diodes for the HV 
rectifier         $40.00 ea.

10      516F-2                  Goes in the P/S cabinet to hold the 
516F-2              $40.00
         P/S shelf               if you decide to put it in the linear

         If you have any questions about this stuff, or need something for 
a 30S-1 you don't see listed
drop me a note and we'll get back to ya.


Kim Herron

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