{Collins} Is it V11's circuit? (32S3 sidetone problem)

Well, my 32S-3's sick sidetone problem remains, despite capacitor replacements and tube swaps (V1, V11).  Here's another symptom that may be related. As I advance the VOX GAIN control, I can hear a vague arcing or crackling noise. I cannot pinpoint it, but it sounds as if the VOX relay wants to trip prematurely. Now, V11 serves as both the tone oscillator and VOX relay actuator. It seems to me that my sidetone chirping when the relay closes and the arcing at rest may be related.  If so, what components should I suspect?  I've read about the 68K 2W cathode resistors on V11 being susceptible to failure. Curiously, though, mine are 82K. Was that an upgrade? (My 32S-3 is a round emblem model).

Thanks to all for your help thus far.


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