{Collins} FS: S-Line w/ 75S3-C

I need to downsize the ham shack so I am regretfully looking into the sale of my Collins S-Line which includes a 75S3-C Round Emblem receiver. (details below) I would rate each piece in Excellent Condition on the Collins grading scale except for the 30L1. It does have some scratches on the trim ring and a dent in the back of the cabinet (not noticeable from the front). It works great. All labeled interconnecting cables are included and just a few years old as provided by a CCA vendor here on the reflector. Each piece of equipment comes with original manual. The 75S3-C has the original bill of sale from October 1978 from Moory Electronics in Arkansas which shows a list price of $3,000. I believe I am the second owner. The 516F-2 supply was recapped, heavy duty choke placed at L2, switching relay mod, and solid state rectifier by the Budster in 1999. He also did some tweeking on the 32S-3 audio, and did some recapping. I would prefer to sell the whole station to one person with pick-up by the buyer. I live in Western Colorado. I am asking $4,300 for the entire station. I will provide digital pictures on request. I would entertain proposals on individual pieces and would consider a partial trade for an ICOM 756 ProII. 

Here's the list of equipment included:

75S3-C Round emblem - 2.1 kc (Collins) and .5 kc (Rockwell) filters with cover. Serial # MCN43xx

32S3 Round emblem - Serial #12xxx

30L1 Wing emblem - Serial #15xxx

516F-2 Wing emblem - Improved modifications (see above) Ser# 13xxx

312B-4 Wing emblem - Ser#54xxx

Thanks for looking. 73 John K0JY

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