{Collins} Do you know what this is?

I met Jack Colson today and fed my addiction with a couple of new pieces.  The
collection of gear from the estate he is liquidating is impressive.  What a
setup that must have been when it was all working.

We found what I thought was a 399B Novice adapter squirelled away in a box with
some other stuff.  When I got home I looked up the 399B in Jay's pocket
handbook and that is not what we found.  It seemed to have a similar function,
but doesn't look like the 399B. It is made in a Bud minibox about 2x2x6.  It
has no manufacturer markings, but looks a little too good to be homebrew.   It
has 10 crystals in it and a switch to select which crystal is in use.  It has a
second switch that controls the mode.  I don't remember exactly what it said,
but I think it gave the option of normal operation, crystal control on TX and
RX, PTO on TX, crystal on RX, and PTO on RX, crystal on TX.  It had two cables,
one terminated with a phono plug and one terminated in a miniature tube base,
7-pin, I think.  The markings appear to be mechanically stamped into the
aluminum and then ink filled.  Since it has the option of controlling both TX
and RX, it must have been for a transceiver.  Maybe it isn't for Collins, Drake

Anybody recognize this description?



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