{Collins} Looking for KWS-1 connectors

Hello to all the group,

The big wake up is moving forward nicely.  I'm now to the point that I am about ready to lite up the PA's.  Only problem is that I'm missing the mating connector that couples the 2KV to the KWS-1 (P-402).  Any replacements out there, or any suggestions?  Also, I am in need of plug P-102.  This is for mating the pendent cable to the  external connections.  Again, any suggestions?  Also, what wire was used from the P.S. to the KWS-1 supplying the 2 KV?  Mine has RG-58 for the B+ lead.  Seems like this is a little on the small side for that type of potential.  Would TV anode wire be more appropriate?  Also, I'd like to take the time to express a very heart-felt "THANK YOU" to all the great guys who have taken the time to write back, make copies, scrounge through their junkboxes or to offer suggestions.  My task would have been much more difficult without all of this overwhelming support!   

Tnx fer the bandwidth,
Brian   WJ0P

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