{Collins} Fw: 30S-1--Hear noise in receiver.

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From: Olaf Madsen 
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2003 8:02 PM
Subject: 30S-1--Hear noise in receiver.


Hello fellows,

Hope someone can keep me from going crazyy,hi
I have cleaned up a 30S-1amplifier that has been idle for a long time.---

Replaced a number of .01 disk ceramics by-pass caps that were blown ---also replaced electrolytics C203,204,209,210,---did a lot of cleaning,including all ceramic insulators,etc,etc.

The amp looks and performs,beautifully,and acts normal in every respect----except---- I get an arcing type ''hash'' in the receiver,that can be as hi as an S-3.----it is considerably louder in the SSB position ( the ''hash'' also sounds different )---it changes as I switch bands on the amp ,but not change the receiver  frequency.---it is  affected by the antenna relay ,getting more intense as I make  (ground out ) the relay,in fact,I think ,sometimes,that is the only time I hear it.
All of this is without applying any exciter power and the amp on a dummy load.

I have cleaned all the potential hi-voltage points,insulators and exchanged the 3B28's for solid state 1N2637's and even tried another 4cx1000---No luck.---

Any suggestions are appreciated---What can I do next ??--How can I isolate the probem ??

Tnx es 73's--Olaf,KF4TP---

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