{Collins} (Collins) - 30S-1--Hear noise in receiver.

Subject: Re: {Collins}: 30S-1--Hear noise in receiver.

 Olaf........ take a close look at the green fiberglass board on which are
 mounted the band switch terminals,  located at the rear of the tank coil ,
 The clearance to ground of some of the positions is very minimal at  that
 voltage and carbon tracking can lead to failure. This may be the source of
 your apparent arcing.
 One fix is to remove the grounded "L" bracket which and substitute an
insulated bracket or attachment to fasten the fiberglass board to the
chassis.... thereby lengthening the leakage distance and eliminate the
 That modification solved my problem.

Others have been plagued with a similar situation. Some folks have even had
to rebuild the bandswitch, due to the arcing problem.

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