{Collins} Broken 51J-4 tuning slug question

I received my first Collins rx today. It's a 51J-4, ser# 7310. I'm in awe
of its beauty(goofy, I know). It survived a UPS trip really well. I am
still in the inspection stage. The only thing I have found physically is a
broken tuning slug core from L-114 inductor. The good part is that I both
pieces completely intact with no chips or chuncks missing and the two
pieces fit together perfectly with no gaps. The break is less than a
centimeter from the top where the "push-pull wire" enters. All other slugs
look great. Can the two pieces be carefully glued back together? If so
with what type glue or does it matter? It seems like it could be glued but
if this is a stupid idea, is there any hope of finding a replacement? Any
help/info greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance, dave austerman, N5WNM, San Antonio, TX

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