{Collins} Fwd: KWS-1

I'm posting this for someone without access to the Collins Reflector.
Please respond directly to Tom at HAM6BKR@xxxxxxx. Tnx.

From: HAM6BKR@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 00:14:57 EDT
Subject: KWS-1


Maybe you can answer a question I have.  I bought a KWS-1 but it didn't 
have a key with it to gain access to the power supply.  My question is 
this; are all the keys for this keyed alike?  It makes sense to me they 
would be as it is only for safety to keep people out, not to keep people 
from stealing things.  Anyway, if it is this way, I could borrow a key and 
have one made easily enough, without having to have a locksmith custom make 
a key.


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