{Collins} Central Electronics MM-2 Scope with KWM-2A


I just got a very nice CE RF Analyzer scope.  I was lucky enough to get
the receive adapter for 455 KC.  Has anyone
hooked it up to a KWM-2A for receive monitoring?  Can't use it with the
Drake because of their IF scheme.

I got a manual from BAMA including a schematic but no parts list.  Does
anyone have a parts list
for this scope?  It would sure help in tracking down paper caps, etc. 
Also is anyone using this scope with their transmitter/amp?  The manual
is not that clear on the best way to hook up the thing for monitoring
the transmitted signal.  The 1 KC oscillator confuses things a bit for
me.  I will check the handbooks for their methods.


Bill, K3PGB
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