{Collins} I bit the bullet. Now I'm So-o-o-o excited! (But I have a few questions)

Hi all,

First off I want to share my excitement with you all.

I just purchased 4 Collins items and they'll be delivered soon.

They are a 312B-3 Speaker; 75S-3B Receiver;
32S-3 Transmitter and a 516F-2 Power Supply.

Now my questions. (Hold on to your seats folks! It's gonna get rough. 
Heh, heh - just a little humor).

Is a DL-1 required? (I think is probably is.)

How about a 312B-4, is it a needed item and does it ALWAYS contain the 
phone patch? (Incidentally, with the more modern phone systems, does the 
phone patch work with the new systems?)

Then there is a Microphone. Is there a recommended one or type?

Of course I'll now be forced (Oh, the pain! ha ha) to get my license.

I'll address antennas at a later time.

One more item to ask about.

I live just outside of Phoenix Arizona, so how many "Collins guys" (or 
non Collins guys) are here and who is the most willing to help a 
"new/old guy" get started? (hint - hint)

I'll thank you all in advance for your kind replies.

Walter "Walt" Cheatham
Laveen AZ (Just on the South West outskirts of Phoenix)

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