{Collins} Re: 40 Meter Problem

Thanks to all that helped with my "no grid current" problem on 40 Meters.  This forum is the best in my opinion.  You guys are really great and I really appreciate the sharing of knowledge and experience that goes on with the Reflector.
Problem Solved with the 40 M grid current.

I removed the bands selector shaft and then removed the cans to inspect the
area that was hidden.  I resoldered a couple of suspicious connections and
also realigned the shaft with the switches.  That way it was aligned was
just slightly touching the second tab on the waffers.  So I zeroed that in
and put it all back together very carefully as to not shift the waffers with
respect to the bandswitch detents.

Fired her up and re aligned the trimmer caps for highest grid current
according to the manual and whalllaah...full power and grid current showing
on the meter.

Works great now.  Didn't even have to replace a component.

Thanks for all your help and advise.  My first contact on 40 Meters was Cuba
and last night I worked St.Thomas, VI too along with some other states here
in the US.  The band was funny, so I'm happy with the results.

Thanks again to all.

Don   K4SJ

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