{Collins} Newbie KWM-2 - Thanks, More Questions

Dear Collins Dudes (and Girls?),

Thank you very much for all the on-list and off-list replies, and great

I have taken a *great* liking in my KWM-2.

I had a few QSO's with it in the past week, one being a 2 hour rag chew. At
the end of the 'chew, the receiver suddenly became noisy, and the s-meter
needle dropped to zero. This was while receiving my buddy at 59 +20dB.
Turning the rig off, and on again, "cured" the problem for a short while.

Looking in the Collins list, I saw a post about the same problem where John
WA9ZBW replaced (amongst other things) CR1. I replaced CR1 with a 1N4004,
and found that CR1 measured 3.58 MOhm one way, 10.5 MOhm the other.

After the surgery, the no-signal PA plate current measured 20mA. I ajusted
the bias pot in the 516F-2 to 40mA (where it was before replacing CR1),
where upon the receiver started to hiss. I turned off the rig, and wonder if
this points to a PSU capacitor problem. I plan the replace the caps anyway,
when I find suitable non-asian ones. I note that SSoN stocks them, but I
hope to get some cheaper locally.

Any ideas?

Also, a friend commented that my audio lacks the "s'es", even though it is
not too bassey. I was using my Shure 450, and wonder if poor caps can
influence the audio.

I hope to be on the air soon again, as I get a HUGE kick out of ye olde

73, Chris ZS1DX

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