{Collins} KW-1 For Sale

I?ve emailed the seller to try to learn whether it would be possible to put his KW-1 on the air for a demonstration that I could record.  The idea would be to create an MP3 or an uncompressed *wav file to FTP somewhere and make it available for CCA folks on this reflector, as well as participants over on www.amfone.net to hear at any time.

As a point of history, the KW-1 speech amp suffered some changes during its production, where the earlier serial numbers had a warmer sound than the later ones.  The changes included decreasing the value of coupling capacitors, and increasing the bypass capacitors in the audio stages, with the effect of slicing off the low and high frequency audio response.

Many of these transmitters (many being a relative term) have been retrofitted back to the original design, and they can sound quite good.  Here?s a classic example, recorded on Ten Meters during Cycle 23. The recording was made on a 1971 51S-1F, selected to the LC defined, AM bandwidth, from the 600 ohm output, into a Nagra full track open reel recorder, before rendering into a digital file heard here.


Regards to all.


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