{Collins} Re: Dial lamp socket

At 12:40 PM 7/2/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>The compression spring in my 75S-3B dial lamp socket has become "lazy" and
>won't maintain pressure on the base of the lamp.
>Any one know of a fix or replacement?

1) Is it a tab of brass down in the socket like a normal lamp socket?  If 
so, with power off, pull out on the tab to bend it back in place with a 
dental pick or similar.  If there is a coil spring down in there, you may 
be able to force some wire into the back end of the socket to push it out 
into position, or somehow get the spring out of the socket to pull it back 
to length.

2) Make sure the bulb does not have flattened contact: re-solder if it does 
or use a different lamp.


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