{Collins} Is it Bias Supply or Gassy Final?

 I have encountered a new (and intermittent) problem with my 32S-3 this
weekend.  Before I tear into anything, or even check voltages, I though I
would throw it out for opinions.  The symptoms are:   1. During CW operation
the idle plate current periodically moves from the normal 40 mils to about
130 mils when the key is open. 2. When the key is closed the plate current
actually drops slightly from the 130 mil level rather than going up to the
normal load of about 220 mils. 3. One of the finals (6146B) shows quite a
bitof blue glow when the key was closed and remains blue until the vox relay
drops back to standby.  When the rig is acting normal there is some blue in
this tube when keyed but not as much.   I rebuilt the bias supply in the
516F-2 a couple of years ago with new caps and a silicon diode replacement,
so I'm not real quick to tear into that.  Just as a test I put an old pair
offinals (6146) in (did not take time to neutralize) and the idle current
was momentarily high but settled down after I adjusted it and the did not
display the problem after that.  These tubes did not show any blue glow.  
Looking for knowledgeable preliminary opinions.   Thanks, WA9ZBW
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