{Collins} Hammond Museum -- AM Special Event

It's been about a month since any word on the restoration proejct at the Hammond museum in Canada, and I wanted to provide an update to the Reflector.

Last time we tuned in, Floyd Soo and a team of CCA folks were in the process of repairing the "big" Collins station, and now are featured on a sub-page of the museum's internet site.


Museum curator Nori Irwin VE3AQZ says she was left with a small "to do" list, chiefly involving the cleaning of tarnished connectors (fresh can of DeOxIt now in hand!) and other light bench work. However, she would welcome anyone local to take that off her chore list, at a time she's also handling some accounting work with the museum. I will be in touch with Paul, VE7KHZ, to possibly lend a hand here.

In conversations since word first came out that there is a chance for a November on-air operating event from Fred's station, there's been an enthusiastic response to the idea of having additional radio museums across North America help celebrate the re-launch.

Irwin said the museum has flexibility to support visits by the CCA repair teams, and Soo has said it's a matter of efforting the cross-border planning and logistics.

Soo also said he understands the need for advance planning when it comes to publishing deadlines and other promotional visibility to accompany and ensure that this event is widely known in the amateur community.

Such visibility helps the CCA's mission, and builds on your group's pledge to represent the senior Collins models alongside the others that historically have had an emphasis in your membership.

As an aside, a rival to the CCA has tried to tag along on the new "vintage" AM station at W1AW.  The head of this other group of Collins enthusiasts has indicated he is miffed that his overtures are unmet.  To our group, the relevance is that a prestigious marque like Collins deserves a classy sort of behavior.  Demonstrating our respect and homage through the Hammond event, alongside other museums, provides an opportunity to again enhance what CCA has been accomplishing.

Here's hoping the project swiftly moves ahead toward a November air date still to be determined.

Regards to all.

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