{Collins} Also: 32S3 CW issue

I forgot to mention that in both cases I had the tunable BFO on the 32S3
turned off.

Thanks again,

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                                       32S3 CW issue                       

I noticed last night that when operating my 32S3 and 75S3C in transceive
mode, the tx frequency is off about 400hz. I found this out by listening to
my Jupiter's tx signal on my 75S3C. Then I transmitted on the 32S3 and had
to tune the Jupiter about 400 hz to be able to hear it.  If I operate the
Collins in split mode, I can use the CW spot function on the transmitter to
zero beat with the receiver and it is on frequency like it should be.

I quickly looked thru the manual and found no reference to calibrate the
transmitter to the receive when in transceive mode. Did I overlook
something? Is there a way to do this?

Thank you,

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