{Collins} FS: KWM380 CCA Excellent

Rockwell Collins KWM380 SN 10XX, Passband Tuning Opt., 8 Khz Passive  
Network, AC-3812 1.7 Khz Crystal Filter, AC-3811 600 Hz Crystal Filter,  
AC-3801 Noise Blanker, DK4SX "Modern" Speech Processor, Surplus sales  
AC-3803 Keypad Interface, Kiron Memory Board. Includes original shipping  
carton, owners manual, sales handout and a SS copy of the Service Manual.   
Collins installed SB's #11,12,14,15 and 18 on 7-5-82. The sale includes  
the following "NEW" NOS spares: Dust Cover, 4 Cabinet Feet, a full set of  
replacement knobs, Reinforced Speaker Grill, 6 Replacement Panel Lamps,  
Pipo keypad and mounting flange, a VFO Encoder, Microphone Plug, 2 Power  
Switches in original military packaging, Microphone Jack, 2 decorative  
Nuts for Power Switch, and a decorative Nut for Headphone Jack or  
Microphone Jack. Includes after market Rack Mount.  Not interested in  
splitting anything up at this time.  Asking $2750 US Dollars + Shipping.   
North America for now.  Pictures available to serious inquiry's.  Thanks  
for the Bandwidth, Dave AB0N

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