{Collins} Re: 30S-1 230V wiring

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I will add a short note because of the
serious safety issue related to the National Electrical Code.  I stand by my
original statements regarding the 30S-1 that it does not meet the current
code unless it has a four wire cable with a non-current carrying safety
ground wire connected to the "ground" (not neutral) in the panel.

As politely pointed out by several contributors, I was flat out wrong in
stating that an electric clothes dryer is a 230 volt device.  After
consultation with an appliance service person and an industrial electrical
contractor, I have it on good authority that most, if not all, electric
dryers ARE 115/230 volt devices with 230 volt heating elements and 115 volt
motors and controls.

New dryers are sold without a power cable.  The owner (or his appliance
person) selects a 3 wire or 4 wire cable.  If a four wire is chosen, there
is a provision in the dryer for lifting the neutral from the dryer cabinet.
If the 3 wire is chosen (because the house has a 3 prong outlet), the
neutral is connected to the cabinet, and there is NO safety ground.  New
dryers have a provision for using a four wire cable where the NEUTRAL is
lifted from the cabinet by removing a screw or jumper.  The safety ground
(green) is then connected to the cabinet, and this ground is carried through
to the ground in the panel.

Here is the rub.  Just as with the 30S-1, an electric dryer connected with a
three prong plug does NOT meet the CURRENT ELECTRICAL CODE.  Millions of
them are working satisfactorily with 3 wire plugs, but the users are at risk
of injury because of a loose neutral or upon the unexpected and unplanned
fault condition that melts the neutral, possibly placing the cabinet at 115
volts above ground (or wet basement floor).

I concede that no dryer ever had a winged or round emblem so the subject is
a little off topic for this site, but I suspect that some readers get
involved in house wiring from time-to-time (I do), and since I made a
misstatement regarding dryers, I wanted to leave no room for error.

William W4BZ

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