{Collins} Re: 30S-1 230V wiring

IMHO anything that is related to SAFETY is a part of the
subject matter that should be presented.
--- William Culpepper <culpepper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At the risk of beating a dead horse, I will add a short note
> because of the
> serious safety issue related to the National Electrical Code.
>  I stand by my
> original statements regarding the 30S-1 that it does not meet
> the current
> code unless it has a four wire cable with a non-current
> carrying safety
> ground wire connected to the "ground" (not neutral) in the
> panel.
> I concede that no dryer ever had a winged or round emblem so
> the subject is
> a little off topic for this site, but I suspect that some
> readers get
> involved in house wiring from time-to-time (I do), and since
> I made a
> misstatement regarding dryers, I wanted to leave no room for
> error.
> William W4BZ

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